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Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith

Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith




Several people meet at the country house of the mysterious Lob for a summer house party. The household is odd, the host eccentric, the butler menacing and possibly criminal. There is an eerie magical wood which can only be entered on Midsummer Night. Lob sends them into it where it is revealed that what they all have in common is a desire for a second chance, which they will gain in the wood. The Machiavellian Lob is the master puppeteer behind all of this and the second chance they hope for is nothing like what they expect. The original revival by Stephanie led to film rights and a film development grant. For this current stage production Stephanie will direct the screenplay on stage. Stephanie has directed two readings of the screenplay with actors including Tom Conti, Patricia Hodge, James Wilby, Leigh Lawson, Victor Spinetti, Timothy West and Prunella Scales. She has now modernized the script and is looking to cast slightly younger and more ‘indie’. We will filming the ensemble cast during and after the theatre production.



Comments for the London stage production directed & adapted by Stephanie Sinclaire:


“A strange haunting tale of a magic wood which allows its visitors to have a second chance at their lives. Located somewhere between Star Wars and Wizard of Oz … the next Disney”
Sheridan Morley, The Spectator


“It might almost be a detective story…Barrie approaching his best…it steals upon you and touches the spring of tears. It reminds you what an accomplished craftsman he could be…he plays cunning variations on his central theme. The production, directed by Stephanie Sinclaire is a triumph … excellent performances.”
John Gross, Sunday Telegraph


“… a neglected treasure … a satirical fantasy. The adaptation and skilful staging by Stephanie Sinclaire makes ideal entertainment. Warmly recommended.”
John Thaxter, The Stage


“Genuine humour and poignancy … Sinclaire directs with affection and respect … efficiently dispenses the thrills…Felix and Naomi Bell’s eerie music catches just the right mood of whimsical charm.”
Kate Stratton, Time Out


“Stephanie Sinclaire’s canny production (the adaptation is hers too) offers two worlds … the cast tread surely over the serious ground this deceptively playful work covers … a distinct sexual undertow.”
Graham Hassel, What’s On


“Childhood, love, loss, the passing of innocence, the transience of life and its chances – themes from J.M.Barrie’s best known work recur in Dear Brutus and live in the tension between the country house and the never never land of the wood. This is Peter Pan for grown ups but then Peter Pan was for grownups too.”
Nick Eisen, Highbury and Islington Express


“Barrie has a vampire-like knowledge of where to find the emotional artery. The cast invest their roles with conviction … feel-good theatre.”
Jeremy Kingston, The Times

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