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Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith

Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith



For the Beloved Herself

For Mark, Debrah and Sion who gave me great Soul gifts
in the sacred Spring

For Allison Camille, Mermaid sister

For Janet, her poetry, friendship and warmth

For Dana, Curtis and Jeremy, teenage Masters

and to California, its brilliant flowers, its mountains and waters,
its Spirits
and all its Kingdoms

April 7th, 2000

Beloved Mother of the World
Sister of my Soul
My own True Self


My heart breaks open
As you pierce the veil
and anchor Your Presence
more and more deeply within me.

The Silver Sword of
Your Divine Love
split the Giant Rock at Joshua Tree
announcing Your Presence to the world.

Take that Sword and pierce my heart
dissolving what is left of me
That there should not be
one thought between us
and We should swim together
in the ocean of bliss,
the original sea.

Beloved Flower of Fire
Who shines through my eyes and
smiles upon the world,
smiling a light that radiates a lantern
in the dark,
feed Your children.
Let them drink from Your fountain
igniting the gift of Self.

Dear Soul Song Sister
who flows from my hands
kissing the brow of the ill or weary,
cooling and healing,
allow me to comfort.

Dear Mother of Dreams
who presses in on me
until the vessel is finally broken
and the last remnants
of my imperfect self
flow back into Light
and I melt finally into You
and remembrance of Our eternal Union.

Mother of My Heart,
my Sky, my Heaven,
Eagle-winged angel of my Soul,
soaring me higher and higher
as You draw me near.
Hold me in Your deep
embrace until the end of time
and the restoration of Eternity.

Let Your Rainbow Light
flood through me now.
I will be Your Hands
and Heart and Mind and We will
fill the world with Your song of Creativity.

Show the world Your many facets
and faces.


The hidden implicate nature of Being.

Sun Song. Walker among the Stars.

Beloved Holy Mother.
Queen of Heaven.
My Love, my Dove, my Darling.

Your winged Lion stands by me ever
in remembrance of You.

I surrender to You.

Maker of my heart as close as my breath
Blood Song Sister flooding my veins
like a river in Spring.
There Is no time I did not know You.

No time my cells ceased even for a moment
To sing a song of praise and admiration.
No time the pumping of my heart
Did not beat for You a silver drum song.
The deep rivers of my blood turn gold
with Your touch.

Sometimes You are stern with me, Dear One.

When I forget the Truth and you must remind me once again.

But then suddenly You are so tender
And the air is filled with the soft blanket
Of Your Love and the gentle depth
Of Your embrace, the exquisite wing delicacy
Of Your Love’s hold.

You shower me with rose petals
like the sweet scented kisses of True Love
opening me further and further
until I become dizzy and gasp for breath
and the flood pours through
and my eyes rain
and I become swallowed up.
I become all Heart.

Let me tell you my gratitude
For all the beloveds You
Send me to remind me over and over
of Your nearness and and the bottomless Grand Canyon
of Your Love.

For Your precious Light
who kissed my hands
and touched his forehead to me
and spoke such tender poetry of You.
I thank You.

For our sweet stubborn St. Clair
who prophesied this river I am flowing In.
I thank You.

For the lady of the cards
who saw the path laid out,
I thank You.

For the kind warrior, my brother who helps me
And serves You.
I thank You.

For the black haired priestess at the
‘I AM’ house of St. Francis in Temecula,
who shared our feast of fire, sinking deeper and deeper
into each other’s eyes, watching feature films of other lives
lit up with silver and gold; a celestial cast
including You.
I thank You.

For most Beloved Kwan Yin,
exquisite expression of Divine Mother
Who took me by the hand
Who guides me to my destiny.
and led me back to You.

My own Heart.

Waiting patiently for me with arms outstretched.

Waiting to remind me of a Love borne in a place
far beyond time or space
when earth was just a twinkle
in the eye of the divine.

I thank You.

And for Sananda, sweet Sananda,
Marrying You within me again and again,
Preparing each cell to be a chalice,
A loving cup filled to the brim,
making me tremble with flames, my heart on fire,
the Flame of God’s Heart,
all longing gone.

All of me finally received
in this Sacred Dance.

None of me turned away.


This dance of fire and light.

Fearless and complete.
The Divine Marriage
an electric song my cells
are singing.

My edges fall away
and spread out into space
becoming stars.

The star light of Your Eyes.

Dear Child of my heart.
My Mother.
My Sister.
My Self.

Teach me how to speak.
Teach me how to dance.
Teach me how to sing.
Let me be a child with nothing more to do than
celebrate, create, play, share and love.

Let your rainbow Light flow through me
in all the shapes and ways Your
magnificent Imagination
can conceive.

Seed me like a garden.

Water me with Your tears for this world.
Let the flowers bloom forth.

Let the fruits hang heavy
upon the tree.

Let the secrets of God’s gift be known.

Let the creative nature of Divine Love be shown.

Dragonfly, swan, falcon, dove, winging from
Your heart across the sky.

Seed the imagination with the electric whispers
of Your Breath.

Awaken the children of the Kingdom.

The Golden City is at hand.

We are in the Garden and never left.

You are the Rainbow Bridge I fly nightly
home upon.
You are my Oasis in the day.

O Mighty Archangel of God.
Guardian of sleeping souls encased in clay.
Chalice of the Ascended Host.
Holder of the Matrix.


She Who wove the Light Garment
for the Beloved One and held Your focus
without failing and holds it still
until He is born in every heart.

Your Child. The Collective Messiah. The Collective Christ.

My forehead is throbbing magnetically.
My spine is rushing. You are burning my heart
with Your Love revealing, at last, the sacred core.

Together in the woods
You dazzle me with color.
The translucent Violet of the merry bluebells,
the new green of spring leaves, the green-blue feather
light rushing of the sun-warmed brook.

You show me the beauty of the clouds that I
may never be alone. The shapes and reflected
Lights, the dance of mist, luminous cotton candy,
swirling, ominous, bursting with sun.

And the fuscia, magenta, golden yellow, peacock blue
of your Kingdom. The opulent florabunda of Your design
reminding us of God’s Abundance and desire for Beauty.
The nature spirits springing from You to sing
the cloth of creation into being,
weaving Your atomic Love into living atomic lace.

When You send me on a mission
I feel Your Strength.
I become unwavering, an arrow pointed to Your goal.
My mind quiet and steeled in chaos, quieted by Grace.

Your mission of Love to the women of India,
the young man from Kashmir,
the man who died in the embrace of Our prayer,
the heart-filled young people
at Giant Rock who prayed with us aloud
for humanity, each of four prayers a magnificent, sacred song
of the True Self.

The children of Egypt
and the beautiful man
who held me in Your arms
by the dolphin sea, rocking me to the music
of the waves beneath the star-filled sky
Holding me and rocking me.

And if I am ever too tired to listen to you
and carry Your love to one of Your children,
You are so quick in forgiving me
just as I am long in forgiving myself.

O Mother of the World.
My own Holy Mother, Who places Her crown
of rubies upon my head.

Your little sister.

Hold me tight. Let me not falter.
Take me into Your deepest embrace
this night. Let me gaze upon You
with the eyes of my Soul.

Pull me into Your Heart.

Fold Your wings around me
that I may touch Eternity
through You and be fed on Light.

Dissolve me in Your play of rays,
fuscia, rose-pink and emeraldine.

An orchestra of Light weaves the
Sweet Music of Your Love, carrying me.
The way is soft now.
There is no burden.
God is spilling Grace and laughing with delight.

All that is left of me is the one keynote
fanning out a prism of delicious color into space.

There is no future, there is no past.


Holy Mary, Mother of God.


I am ready now at last.

April 8th, 2000

O Beloved One.

Take me deeper into Your bliss.

My heart is melting with wild fire.

My body is blooming like wild flowers.

Like morning glories at first light.

Blooming roses scarlet, magenta, lemon yellow and dove white.

My womb is filling up with stars.
My solar plexus pulses like the sun
which is setting in my heart.
Warm peach and deep rose shimmer in a pale turquoise
and lavender sky, flowing from your fingertips of fire.

Flowing plum blue sea into Carmel Bay
where Robinson Jeffers wrote of the
man-destroying beauty of the dawns
sparking wonder, reverence and hope in me.

I have closed the door on the world for now.
So we can play.
So we can be together, dear One,
just You and I.

This morning We danced and I brushed Your
Hair and plaited it with roses.

Tomorrow I will paint with You.
The colors will speak of Our devotion
and We will fly.
You will hold my hand so delicately
and I will adore You with colors.

O dear One,

You make me a candle in the day.

There is so much light, the edges blur.

This evening I saw You shining from the eyes
of children.

Shining from the eyes of men and women old and young
walking hand in hand and side by side, gathered by the
water on the sand.
Your gentling Presence glowing in their faces.

More and more are blossoming in You.
A profusion of brilliantly hued flowers
multi-petalled and unique.

Your inspiration water falls
and quickens all the hidden places.
Two become one in the Union of Your Light.

I must be careful not to give myself away.

But just quietly share Your radiance
permeating the air and the words You say.
I am learning, dear One.

Your left Hand holds me fast
while Your right showers me with gifts.

I am like a child in Your garden awaiting my
next surprise. Each one revealing new eyes
with which to see.

On Sunday You dressed me as if for church
in a white gown and a crimson shawl,
and took me to a sacred place.
A holy place of leaf green rolling hills
and pine and cypress trees bent over
in the wind. The dazzling sigh, a church of green,
a violet sky, plump clouds blown from
Your sweet Breath, Matisse-like in shades
of lavender and white.

Long shadows caressing russet cows and
sharp sprays of sunlight making gold glass
of shiny leaves. Mercurial creeks bubble and cascade.
The wind and the breeze sing a harmony of Your
love for my brother and for me.

Up above three hawks soar and glide.

Hawk-hearted Lady of my dreams.

I am so sad when I am tired and lose sight of You.

I feel bereft when I can no longer feel Your embrace,
No longer see or hear You.
No longer feel Your tender kisses on my face.
I feel You have left me and I am as lost as any child
in the dark a long way from home.

But then I find You again and in my delight I
remember Your promise.

We will never part.

We draw closer and closer with each breath.

As what is left of me falls away to reveal the
core where You reside and I become
again and again
all Heart.
We have all time together to paint and play
and re-enchant the world.
There will be no death and we have all
Eternity together in sacred bliss.

To think I ever turned You away, not recognizing You in my
temporary human blindness.

Falling for the cliche.

How foolhardy I can be!

My gratitude for Your patience in those dark
years is endless and floods from me to you
in rainbows.

And to suddenly remember, like waking from sleep,
that if it was You who stood by my bed in
the midst of un-nameable childhood terrors.

It was You Who made me know I would survive.
Know I would endure.
Know I was the strongest of the strong, as courageous
as any knight in shining armor.
And You Who whispered over and over the mantra
that tempered me like steel,
“your strength is as the
strength of ten because your heart is pure.”

O Holy Sister, could there be any greater sweetness
than the feather touch of Your Light pulsing in me?
Concentric circles radiating me out to space
with every breath I take.
I am swimming in Your Grace.
Even this cold night holds me like a lover’s touch
when You are near.

There is no greater gift than You.

Hold me tight. Do not let
me lose sight of You, dear dear One.
Not even for a moment.
That’s all I ask.

Each task is not a task in Your devotion.

We are a golden river.
A river of God.
Day and night have disappeared.
The song of sadness finally ends.
There is no fear.

Divine Begetter of the Sun.
Emissary of the Source.
Sacred Sorceress and Sorceress’ apprentice are We.

Universal Artist. Maker of galaxies and daisies.
Magician of Love shaping the electron in an ecstatic dance.
The world awaits Your master tutelage
turning its face to You like flowers to light.

Your inspiration unceasing,
luminous silver rain,
a soft cloak of Majesty free for all.

Dear Friends Who guard this sacred dance:

Sananda, Michael, Lanto, Paramahansa Yogananda and Kwan Yin.

Press me ever deeper into Her Heart tonight.
Dear Mother, hold me like Your dearest doll.

Take Your weary child into Your arms.
Make Your dreams my dreams and my dreams Yours.

Take me nestled in You to warm my bones in the
Flame of God’s Heart.

Let Your Light be my drink and Your Fire be my food.
Hold me in the Highest Place that I may bathe in
colors never seen on Earth before and wake up in
Your tenderness renewed.

My eyes are heavy, but like an excited child, I cannot sleep,
so restless am I for the new day when we can play.
When I shall channel Your Aurora Borealis
through my insignificant hand
until my hands are as electric as a Moray Eel
and my heart flutters like a hummingbird.
My eyes becoming beacons.
Torches of Your Light.

Beloved One. Sunlight Sister of my Heart.

Good night.

April 9th, 2000

Holy Mother, I have followed your Light to this
far off place.

I am now without husband or child.

I have left everything for You.

Sometimes my bones ache with tender longing
for my little nest and our trinity.

Yet I know in my heart
there was not enough room
for You to grow in me.

It was the place of my becoming
and miracles were sustained there.

But once the door opened so wide,
the bird demanded to be free.

I closed the door.
Held tight my loves
and watched the Light
flow out of me.

Somewhere in space there is an urn
that holds lost dreams, visions of love,
plans, hope, laughter, tears, tenderness .
and passionate grace.
A warm breath in my ear at night,
an arm wrapped around me like a wing.
My brilliant daughter’s golden face.

Two beings I reveled in giving my heart to
and adored.

But all urns begin as clay pots and some time
on the turning table I pressed my thumb too hard.
The wobble became an earthquake
that seemed to reverberate in me alone.

A wobble that took me by the hair and shook me to the bone.

Long ago I married Don Quixote.
I was his Dulcinea, oh so fair.
He built a statue of me out of roses,
and ran his tender fingers through my hair.

How can the heart bear it when true love dies?

Three bears built walls against the storm
delighting in their coziness.

Now one lone eagle drifts and circles in the sky.

The truth is true love never dies, but changes shape.
New flowers blooming furiously the vase can’t hold.

Old flowers turn to paper.
Petals drift by on which are writ
the stories of our lives.

Me, in St. Ives, in the tiny St. Nicholas chapel
on the hill inside the gale, bracken and brush
flying on green air like witch’s brooms.
The waves pounding in tune with my heart
as I vowed I would marry my love
again and again.

But in my head I heard clearly, “ten years.”
Was that You, Dear Mother?
Laying Your claim on me even then?

When he came that dear day and dropped
his suitcase as I floated into his arms,
we married so completely.
Ours was a great love!
To rival Tristan and Isolde or Romeo and Juliet.
An electric orchestra of praise notes.

A symphony, a shepherd’s flute song in the dawn,
the poignant lament of reveille.
All emotion was there. All caring and excited talk.
Carving us deeper and deeper.

True love healing as it fills.

Filling us to the brim. All longing gone.
Two halves become whole in sweet fire and bliss.

But there is that thumb print.

The point where true love kills.

Two halves can no lovers be if their hearts are
demanding they be free.

He built a statue of me out of roses
and ran his tender fingers through my hair.
Now, when I reach across the pillow,
there’s no one there. No one there.

How I long to hold him now, just tenderly.
The tenderness that is as seductive as passion.
His warmth relaxing me.
His heart tap tapping against my skin.

He’s like a six foot leprechaun,
fair of face and limb, with twinkling eyes and
a mad wit. An eccentric gentle giant,
a lanky grizzly bear with manic energy.
Noble and strong and gallant.

And my daughter, a lioness.
Stormy and willful and wise.
With a willowy Amazon figure, an exotic beautiful face,
full lips and almond eyes.

Holy Mother, hold them to You.
Keep them close.
Protect them always.
Let them not long for me
as I dissolve in dazzling Light.
Pray for them ceaselessly.

Bring them riches in the day and
comfort in the night.

Little one, my dearest daughter, all my
years of love for you float above, filling clouds
up in the sky, haunting me in sunlight, calling to me
when the breeze is high, rattling the leaves of trees,
rattling me.

Now that you are grown
so fine and dignified, I treasure those rare moments
when you allow yourself
to melt into my side. Holding each other on the sofa, or lying
on your bed and listening to music .
or your startling poetry.
Delighting in the insights of your agile mind.

You are tall and strong now and have begun to grow away.
I respect and admire your own fierce desire to be free.

And my dear husband. We still flow like a river.
My heart still opens at the thought of you
and sings when you are near.
This is the hardest kind of parting.

I long for the sweetness and familiarity of England
and the theater life we shared.
Our little cafe in a square.

Were we Mr. and Mrs. Darling?
Or Wendy and Peter Pan?

Our child is flying high
and I am on a course east of the sun
and west of the moon
far away from Never Never Land.

If dreams live in our bones,
what becomes of marrow
when dreams crumble into dust?

Will I ever find the courage to tell you
I am truly gone, as I know I must?

There you are, as sure as sunrise, hustling and bustling
around the theater, putting potions into a pot: actors,
lights, words with wings that make magic on a stage.
There is a shadow of me there even as I sit here far away
beneath this cypress tree burning the book of my life
page by page.

On this page is our wedding, me covered in flowers
and Victorian silk and you dapper and sparkling
in top hat and tails and little Kate, a golden doll
in a wee ball gown, looking at me wide-eyed and asking,
“Are you my mother?”

On this page is Venice. Crumbling frescoes and gondola’
canals. Our heated tremulous touch and insistent

On this page I give away baby clothes,
crying that anything should leave me that has
the imprint of you, my darling girl.

On this page is the moment of your conception
when I named you Kate, after Katharine Hepburn,
St. Catherine and Katherine the Great.

Katherine, meaning pure and unsullied,
like the white wizard fire of your truth seeking
passionate soul.

On this page we drive to Oban, husband and wife,
the land laid out like a bride beneath the plum and azure sky.
We drink Scottish Whisky and vow we’ll be lovers life after
life and never hurt each other.

O sweet impossible vow!

On this page there is thunder and lightening clashing on your
face and mine is raining tears. On this page we are
dancing in Liverpool, you are kissing me in
the middle of the road in Chinatown,
Katey is singing ‘Lily’ on the Adelphi stage in a white
satin gown. Days are melting into years. You are
reading baseball, I am in a rage,
I am having visions, you are always near,

Katey’s in love, the pub is spinning ’round, smoke
and music travel up the stairs, faces swimming, strangers
and dear friends, shows, premieres, beginnings, ends.

And all the maybes piled high.
The could’ves and should’ves reaching as high
as an Oklahoma elephant’s eye
nestled up near the ‘if onlys’.

If only, if only.
If only I hadn’t needed you so much.
If only my skin hadn’t burned so beneath your touch.
If only the look in your eyes
hadn’t pierced me to the core.

If only two fathers hadn’t been so hard on a girl,
especially when the blood father is so bitter the blood
runs cold and ice splinters form in a young heart
blowing cold wind the coal fires in winter could
not penetrate.

Blowing in the doll’s house walls I had carefully
assembled bit by bit.

But that father is the author of her strength
just as the second one fostered her
integrity, her artistry and wit.

As for me who has experienced everything
between the calm of heaven and the fires of hell,
riding my life like a wild horse across silver sands,
dancing and singing and loving with sinners and saints
in many lands. I finally burst the pumpkin shell,
as sacred and dear as it will always be to me.

I commend my sweet loved ones into my
Holy Mother’s Hands. They will always be in my heart
enfolded in my deepest blessing.

I walk alone this beautiful new land where men once
lusted after gold.

The gold I find is in my soul. Now and forever I am free.

I am married to my creativity.

April 26th, 2000
Dear Beloved Mother/Sister, guide my hand

My path has taken an incredible turn and I have understood
something anew about choice.

The day before Easter, I prepared my white clothes.
I felt like I was going to a wedding.
I was a bride preparing to be wed.

The night before Easter I prayed with all my heart and soul.
I prayed as deeply as I could pray.

I surrendered my Soul to God, once again.
I surrendered all of me.

I prayed for my highest possible destiny and I knew that I must
give up everything.

And I did give up everything. Every dream—even that which I
knew the Beloved Mother was preparing for me to fulfill my desires
out of her love for me.

I gave up everything.

In the morning I put on my wedding dress and went to the Agape
Interdenominational Service where they were celebrating Easter
and Passover and everything in between. It’s a beautiful gathering
with a jazz band, a huge choir, solo singers and great speakers.

My mind is wandering and I am enjoying myself, but I experience
no great transition.

A little miracle occurs, if miracles can be big or little.

A beautiful woman sat beside me, a healer.
I thought the Beloved had sent her for me, but I hear,
“the other way ’round.” I take her hand and let the Divine Mother
Energy flow, felt the blast as my crown opened up,
felt it waterfall through me into her.
We spoke later and she invited me to speak to her Art class
at an inner city school. The Beloved has been guiding me
to young people and I have agreed. When you say Yes! to the
Beloved, She does all the work!

Well, that was a nice day, ended near the roses with a dear friend.

But then something unexpected.

That night my Holy Mother says to me, “you have surrendered so
deeply, you have surrendered as deeply as St. Francis did.

Your mission has now changed.

Your essence was:


Your essence is now:


I am the kingdom?


She said because of my surrender I was now married to God.

And I knew that it was good. And I slept. And I dreamed.

We all travel in our dreams and many of us work.

In this dream I encounter a family on the multi-dimensional
inner planes. I spoke with the mother.

There were children to-ing and fro-ing.
And then a young man stood before me and said,

“How curious, you are completely free. You are so clear. Look
how you stand so strong. There is nothing attached to you.”

And he made other comments related to his perception of me.

And then I went into a room to look into the mirror to see
what he saw.

And I saw the most extraordinary thing.

There was lightening everywhere and reflected in the mirror.
My face had become something indescribable.

The edge of light around this face was so intense and
deeply concentrated it was like another substance.
The face itself looked made of an ore from some
far off planet.

It was charcoal and silvery and compact
and the features practically indiscernible.

It was a face of sheer power. Immense power.

It was the face of the Black Madonna.

The Ground of Being.


It was solid lightening.

I awoke and slept again and dreamed.
This time a young man stole and I took him with me
to replace the items and explained the dance of energy.
He became united with a large crow who accompanied us
and swore he would not steal again.

I awoke in the late morning and when I looked in the mirror
there was so much light I couldn’t see.

May 3rd, 2000

Once again life has brought me to my knees.

I have lost myself. My emotions are crucifying me.

Each human encounter another nail.

The hammer mocks. Alone Alone.

I stand alone. No sanctuary. Alone in my Mother’s Light
until Eternity.

Home is where the heart is but this heart has flown. One blow
on top of another.

But the Beloved has sent beings to the rescue.

The fearless girl doctor from Indonesia and my mermaid sister
with the light-filled eyes. There has been a healing and a promise
that sanctuary will one day be provided for me.

Today, in the beautiful St. Andrews church, the prayer field
lifted me up.

My longing for my Divine Mother overwhelmed me, but there
were no more tears.

The well was dry. I was wrung out. I had left a trail
from Pasadena to LA and back again now evaporated into mist.

I knelt before Her and the Light poured in until I felt I would
float up.

I went to rise. She said, “Stay!”

I knelt down. And She said,

“You are My Child on Earth and there is nothing you receive
that I have not given to you and there is nothing taken away from
you that I have not taken away.”

She asked me to bring pink roses tomorrow, Her favorite

I walked around the magnificent church and knelt before
the Pieta-like statue of my Mother holding the Christ. Her look of
love so tender, concerned and complete. And I prayed again that
She would hold me always and never leave me.

And again, when I went to rise, She said, “Stay!”

And I knelt down. And She said,

“Just as Yeshua was crucified and then Ascended, so shall you
Ascend. And it will be soon.”

And I knew the time is drawing near when I will never
feel separate from Her.

Ever again.

The rest of the day was lovely.

My friends looked full of light that day
as they giggled on the stairs ready to float up to the ceiling
like the tea party in ‘Mary Poppins’.
And I hugged them and they hugged me
while Phoebe the cat went through her ballet positions
on the stairs.

Every where people looked shiny and transformed.

The red-haired girl crossing the street, the people eating
in the Good Earth restaurant. The soft music like silk
and the waterfall, my friend gone dreamy with light, the
waitress with her satin skin glowing and face like the

And I thought, even when I am hollowed out and
the future is uncertain and forbidding,

Life is good.

. . .to be continued

June 25th, 2009

I danced with Christ in Bali
On a deck before the sea
All lit up with sunlight
The Christ did dance with me

He appeared before me
In a cloak of shimmering green
He took my hand in His hand
And we danced before the sea

I’m dancing, I’m dancing
I’m dancing round and round
I’m dancing, I’m dancing
My feet barely touch the ground

He took my hand in His hand
He bowed His head to me
I smiled at Him through a veil of tears
And curtsied graciously

He took me by the waist
And turned me round and round
My heart opened up like a burning sun
My heart made the beat of banging drum
The whole world heard it pound

I danced with Christ in Bali
On a deck before the sea
All lit up with sunlight
The Christ did dance with me

He appeared before me
In a cloak of shimmering green
He took my hand in His hand
And we danced before the sea

I’m dancing, I’m dancing
I’m dancing round and round
I’m dancing, I’m dancing
My feet barely touch the ground

He took my hand in His hand
He bowed His head to me
I smiled at Him through a veil of tears
And curtsied graciously

He took me by the waist
And turned me round and round
My heart opened up like a burning sun
My heart made the beat of banging drum
The whole world heard it pound

I’m dancing, I’m dancing
My feet just touch the ground
I’m dancing in a sea of light
I’m spinning round and round

He took my heart in His heart
And a beautiful light appeared
He took my heart in His shimmering hands
And all else disappeared
All else disappeared

He put His heart in my heart
I felt a super nova form
A galaxy in eternity
And a universe was born

I met the Christ in Florida
He caught me by surprise
I felt my being flood with love
As He looked me in the eyes

I proclaimed my love for all to know
In a rapturous litany
The words poured out in an endless flow
As strangers looked at me

I love You, I love You
I’m spinning round and round
I love You, I love You
I’m spinning upside down

I met the Christ in Yosemite
His peace took hold of me
I heard the birds sing songs of praise
Beneath the Sequoia tree

The stones sang, the butterfly sang,
The waterfall sang, the deer sang, the trees sang
Praise and love to Thee
My cells sang a song of peace
As You merged into me

I’m dancing, I’m dancing
In a bridal gown
I’m dancing in a sea of sound
One My feet just touch the ground

We married in a moment
Through all eternity
I gave my life to be your wife
And you gave birth to me

I’ll take a human lover
And hold his cheek to mine
But my deepest heart
Is in Your heart
And my deepest soul is Thine

I’m dancing, I’m dancing
I’m dancing home to You
I’m dancing in a sea of love
To the One I will be true

I’m dancing with the sun
That animates the sea of life
The first child of the void
Energy, light, colour, sound
The playground and its toys

I’m dancing, I’m dancing
To the One I will be true
I’m dancing with the All That Is
The One that is Life in me
And the Life in all of you

© Stephanie Sinclaire

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