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Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith

Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith


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‘Scooby Doo 2’, ‘Batman and Robin’, ‘Clueless’, ‘Miss Match’, ‘Beauty Shop’, the Broadway production of ‘The Graduate’.


Alicia re-invents herself in a compelling, erotic and beguiling turn as Violet.





Leigh Lawson with Vaida Buyte



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“Silence Becomes You” written, directed and produced by Stephanie Sinclaire, with fellow producer Karl Richards, and starring Alicia Silverstone, Sienna Guillory and Joe Anderson is filming in and around Vilnius, Lithuania, until the beginning of February 2005

Two sisters, Grace and Violet, bound together by more than blood, live a reclusive life in a large mansion, detached from society and reality too. They have a plan. It’s hardly conventional, but the outcome nine months later is all that counts. Whatever they do they must not fall in love with the man that they choose to ensnare. Starring Alicia Silverstone (Batman and Robin, Clueless), Sienna Guillory (Resident Evil: Apocalypse) and rising newcomer Joe Anderson, SILENCE BECOMES YOU is a highly charged romantic drama set in contemporary New England. A Dragonfly Films production, SILENCE BECOMES YOU is written, directed and produced by Stephanie Sinclaire (Associate Artistic Director of the Kings Head Theatre), with fellow UK producer Karl Richards.

Grace (Sienna Guillory) and Violet (Alicia Silverstone) are two beautiful sisters from a very sheltered upbringing. One is sensual and on the edge, the other controlling and dominant. The sisters are inseparable and prefer the company of each other; although it is apparent Grace is the needier and more reliant on Violet. They hatch a plan that seems flawless, to bring home a guy, to impregnate one of them, and once the deed had been done, he will be kicked out the door.

Violet brings home Luke (Joe Anderson), a handsome yet rugged drifter. He seems the perfect man for the job and relationships are not his thing. For the sisters this is key, as he must not come between the two and break their special bond. Luke however cannot believe his luck as the sisters dote on him. Nether has given much thought to the consequences of opening up their homes and lives to a stranger. The plan quickly unravels as the sexual and emotional intrigue around Luke intoxicates the two sisters, and the atmosphere takes on a form of hedonism, initially serving as a force for good. Luke is also overwhelmed by the situation: a character who would normally take advantage of two vulnerable sisters, he soon finds his heart leading him down a different path. The calm serenity of the house is blown away.

The careful balance that existed between Grace and Violet, soon breaks down as love begins to rear its head. Grace thinks of Luke merely as a kind of toy with whom she enjoys playing, until she realises the depth of Violet’s feelings for Luke. The atmosphere between the sisters thus turns sinister. Luke begins to lose his bearings as he is drawn further and further into this web. Fed up with the game playing, he leaves, only to be drawn back again. He realises he has fallen in love with Violet and cannot keep away.

The love affair between Violet and Luke threatens Grace; she feels her sister has betrayed their special bond but worse she knows that she is lost without her. The emotions spiral out of control and Grace rapidly becomes more unstable. First she seduces Luke to spite Violet and finally, when Luke and Violet attempt to escape from the house, she has a harrowing breakdown, that has repercussion for all. Violet wants Luke, Grace needs Violet. It becomes a life and death situation for all involved.

SILENCE BECOMES YOU is the first official UK-Lithuanian co-production made under the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production. The co-producers are UK tax fund UKFS, and Baltic Film Group in Lithuania. London-based post-production and special effects house Motion FX is providing a facilities contribution. Executive producers include Robert and Ashley Sidaway of UKFS, Michael Ryan of Sequence Films, Robertas Urbonas of Baltic Film Group, John O’Quigley of Motion FX and media lawyer Angela Jackson. LHV/Hermis are one of the key investors. SILENCE BECOMES YOU is being filmed in digital format HD 4:4:4 non-compressed, filming with a Viper HD camera.

The visual look of SILENCE BECOMES YOU has been developed in consultation with multiple Academy Award winner Jack Cardiff (The Red Shoes, Black Narcissus, The African Queen).



SILENCE BECOMES YOU is a rare and attractive idea for a movie. Its unusual and stimulating scene cannot fail to intrigue and raise conjecture as to its outcome, and I feel sure it will be a box office success.”
Jack Cardiff OBE, Visual Consultant



Stephanie Sinclaire is the founder of Dragonfly Films, created to make independent films with studio level production values and classic mythical structures. Stephanie apprenticed at The King’s Head Theatre, where she remains Associate Artistic Director, working with actors such as Hugh Grant, Tom Conti, Sam West and writers such as Tom Stoppard, Steven Berkoff, co-producing over 60 plays as well as writing and directing. She co-received the Queen’s Jubilee Award 2002 for contribution to the arts and excellence in the field of directing. She co-produced THE DANCE OF SHIVA featuring Kenneth Branagh (Jack Cardiff DP), which was an Academy Award Finalist in 2000 in the Live Action Short Category (30 minutes) and has completed THE TELL TALE HEART with Jack Cardiff and designer Peter Murton (Lion in Winter, Superman I and II, Bond films, Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove), co-produced with Nigel Wooll and is currently producing and co-directing A MAVERICK IN LONDON, a feature documentary of The Kings Head Theatre.

SILENCE BECOMES YOU Crew Credits include;
Costume Designer – Lizzy Wilson
Production Designer – Augis Kepezinskas
Editor – Toby Yates
Director of Photography – Arturo Smith
Visual Consultant – Jack Cardiff

Storyboard Artist: Jim Fortey

Paintings by Stephanie Sinclaire.

Dragonfly Films Ltd.
@ The King’s Head Theatre • 115 Upper Street • London N1 1QN.

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